Spain: LPG Dacia Jogger is transformed into the greenest and cheapest camper van

Camperiz, a Spanish specialist in vehicle transformations, has presented a campervan vehicle developed on the Dacia Jogger family (4.57 metres). The functionality and interior capacity offered by this model (which has a seven-seater version in its range) have served to turn it into a complete camping vehicle that, in addition, due to its final price of 23,295 euros, is very competitive compared to other similar options in the same category.

The engine chosen among those available for this model is the Eco-G 100 CV, a bi-fuel petrol/Autogas engine that offers 99 horsepower (74 kilowatts) and a six-speed manual gearbox. This technology stands out for its fuel economy and a range of up to 1,000 kilometres without refuelling, something that most travellers will appreciate.

Configured to carry five passengers and respecting the functionality of the trunk, the Jogger transformed by Camperiz serves daily as a regular vehicle. But once leisure time arrives, its extensive specific equipment for outdoor camping makes it a miniature motorhome where passengers can sleep, cook or wash themselves in the middle of nature.

As for the version used for this playful transformation of the Jogger, it is the Essential that incorporates an infotainment system as standard, with an eight-inch screen, LED technology headlights and transport bars on the roof. For more information, please visit this link.

14 September 2022