Spain: Ircongas launches LPG conversions for diesel-powered vehicles

Ircongas has begun to adapt diesel vehicles to Autogas. Thanks to this process, it is possible to give a second life to combustion vehicles, turning them into dual-fuel models, which allows to avoid the restrictions of circulation in large cities that already apply their own Sustainable Urban Mobility plans and strict Anti-Pollution Protocols. Until now, the Madrid-based company only adapted gasoline vehicles.

Due to the growing need to reduce pollution and the new restrictions on access to large cities for some vehicles, Ircongas now offers a cleaner alternative to diesel vehicles, giving them the opportunity to run on LPG and obtain the ECO environmental label from the Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT).

This sticker allows to circulate without restrictions in Low Emission Zones, the possibility of benefiting of discounts of 50% in regulated parking areas, the reduction of the IVTM (Tax on motor vehicles) of up to 75% and, if the car is a company or professional vehicle, it is possible to access and park in the ZBEDEP (low emissions zone of special protection) Centre area in Madrid, extending access hours until 9:00 p.m.

The conversion of diesel vehicles to Autogas, in addition to contributing to the reduction of pollution levels, gives companies an environmentally-friendly corporate image. It also allows the useful life of the engine to be extended, since the combustion process is cleaner. This helps increase the power of the engine torque, generating a more agile and comfortable ride. Moreover, the range of the car is also increased, because it has a second tank.

Ircongas has already converted more than 30,000 gasoline vehicles to LPG.

Source: Ircongas

7 June 2023