Spain: 200 automotive professionals participate in alternative fuel conversion trainings

The Spanish Federation of Professional Automotive Entrepreneurs (CONEPA), together with Dimsport and Repsol, has organised several free online training sessions on the conversion of engines to Autogas and natural gas so that the member workshops of its associations can become accredited as installers of these alternative fuel technologies. 200 participants were registered to the trainings.

The four two-hour online sessions include the study of technical foundations of the systems available for the transformation of gasoline and diesel vehicles to LPG, CNG and LNG, as well as practical examples of the complete installation of the bi-fuel and dual fuel kits.

The free online training will have to be completed with practical modules, each lasting eight hours and which will include the application of a kit for its specific assembly in diesel and gasoline vehicles.

For CONEPA, this training represents an opportunity for workshops to become certified in the transformation of engines, a simple solution that gives added value to workshops and provides a new line of business for the companies, while contributing to improving air quality and people’s health.

“Conversion of engines to alternative fuels is a safe bet for workshops by allowing them to offer their customers environmental and savings solutions. Transformed vehicles allow their owners to contribute to cleaner air while saving them up to 30% on the annual fuel bill,” said representatives from Dimsport.

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22 July 2020