South Korea: Ssangyong Motor launches Torres LPG version

SsangYong Motor Company announced it has introduced the ‘Hybrid LPG Model’ of the Adventurous Torres, which caused a sensation in the SUV market last year. The new vehicle, available since 10 January, features a bi-fuel technology, which means it can run on both petrol and Autogas.

The Torres LPG model has powerful performance (165 horsepower) that exceeds 95% of the maximum output (170 horsepower) and maximum torque (28.6 kg m). Its eco-friendly 1.5 litre GDI turbo gasoline engine (e-XGDi150T) boasts excellent quietness.

In addition, when all of the LPG fuel is used up while driving, it automatically switches to petrol mode, reducing the stress of finding an Autogas station immediately. If the fuel tanks of petrol (50ℓ) and LPG (58ℓ) are completely full, it is possible to drive up to 1,000 kilometres or more.

The LPG system used in the Torres boasts higher marketability than specifications sold in Europe, the world’s largest LPG market, since SsangYong Motor has a technical agreement with ROTURN, the nation’s top Autogas specialist. As a result, the free warranty service period of the LPG system is 3 years/unlimited kilometres, exceeding that of competitive models, while the warranty period of the body, engine and general parts is 5 years/100,000 kilometres, the highest level in the industry.

The new car’s selling price is between 31.3 million won and 34.1 million won (depending on the customised specifications).

Source: Newswire Korea

18 January 2023