Second Euronozzle receives UL Approval in US

The Elaflex ZVG2 Euro-style nozzle is now being distributed by CleanFUEL USA who announced the primary distributorship and immediate availability of the UL listed piece of equipment. The UL listing was the first important step, which the ZVG2 Euronozzle achieved a few months ago.
Elaflex has accumulated over 20 years of experience with its ZVG series of nozzles on Autogas dispensers in all markets. Building upon this extensive experience, Elaflex developed the ZVG2, which utilizes a Euro-style, quick-release connector. This connector contour was developed specifically to meet newest requirements regarding safety, flow rate and emissions. The combination of this contour and the dedicated nozzles tie simplicity of operation, reliability and the low level of emissions into a compact package.

The ZVG2 retains the feeling of solidity of the predecessor while maintaining durability. Especially in its Euro-style version the low weight facilitates one-handed operation. The basic design of the nozzle is available with other contours and has found widespread use throughout the entire European market with thousands of ZVG2 nozzles currently in operation.

The previously introduced competing product from Stäubli has been greeted with great excitement, it is also based on the standardised Euronozzle contour, so that either nozzle will fit to the same fixed connector on the vehicle.

According to Curtis Donaldson, founder and managing partner of CleanFUEL USA, there is a push by many representatives in the industry to adopt this coupling as the new standard connector for the US. Many of larger customers, mainly fleet operators, have already converted to the new system and are “thrilled with the performance and simplicity.”

The nozzle has also been introduced in European market, albeit only in Spain for the moment. The larger markets are still trying to figure out, how to convert to the new system. The solution might be specially manufactured adapters, which will ease the pressure of retrofitting the respective network in a relatively short period of time. At least, this seems to work quite well in the US, where adapters developed by Cavagna specifically to bridge the gap between ACME and Euro and vice versa are being employed to convert existing fleets with great success.