Scotland’s new energy strategy address alternative fuel adoption

The Scottish Government’s new energy strategy, published on 20 December 2017, sets ambitious new targets to reduce emissions from transport and heat sectors. Importantly, the strategy recognises the future role that gas will play to meet Scotland’s emission reduction targets, and in particular the role Autogas will play.

The strategy also commits the Scottish Government to future consultation on a biofuel action plan that will support the development of renewable fuels in the country to meet future energy demand.

LPG supplier Calor supports a low carbon transition, and invests in developing and bringing to market bioLPG – a renewable fuel which can be used as a vehicle fuel.

Matthew Hickin, Chief Executive at Calor said: “Scotland’s new energy strategy places a welcome emphasis on the role of alternative hydrocarbons and green gas to help reduce emissions in the power generation, road and marine transport and low carbon domestic and industrial heating sectors. In particular we agree with the Scottish Government’s conclusion that LPG derived from renewable sources can help to achieve these targets where the current infrastructure is able to meet the expected growth in demand.”

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17 January 2018