Repsol and Spanish city will trial new Euro 6 Autogas bus

The City Council of Valladolid and Repsol have signed an agreement to deploy a new Autogas bus that meets Euro 6 standard. Under this partnership, the energy company will award the vehicle to AUVASA, Valladolid public transport operator, which will begin the official trials in June. With this initiative, Valladolid becomes the first city in Spain to test a bus of these characteristics in its public transport network.

This agreement aims to promote Autogas in the city and contribute, thereby, to reducing polluting emissions, since its NOx emissions are far below of the limits established by the Euro 6 standard. This new vehicle also allows savings of 15% on the fuel bill compared to traditional options and significantly reduces noise pollution. Moreover, it can circulate without restrictions during the episodes of high pollution, since it is categorised with the ‘ECO’ label of the General Direction of Transport (DGT).

The bus has already been tested in route and calibrated in driving a few months ago. When it hits Vallodolid streets again in June, it will allow the city to check its environmental and economic efficiency in order to help AUVASA evaluate future bus acquisitions. “With this initiative, Valladolid is moving towards a more sustainable mobility,” said the mayor Óscar Puente during the presentation of the vehicle.

Repsol’s Autogas manager Estíbaliz Pombo also commented: “The industry has to offer solutions to citizens, not dilemmas. Autogas technology allows a range of up to 500 km without the need to refuel, and its double tank of gasoline and LPG allows to extend that autonomy at least up to 1,200 km.”

In Spain, there are already more than 70,000 vehicles running on Autogas, while in Valladolid there are 1,300, representing 35% of the total fleet in Castilla y León, where there are about 3,700 vehicles powered by LPG. For more information, please check this link.

2 January 2019