Repsol and FIAT extend their Autogas market agreement to Portugal

Repsol and FIAT have agreed to extend the agreement signed by the two corporate groups last January to Portugal, to boost the Autogas market, the principal alternative fuel in Europe.

  • The new agreement has been signed by the Managing Director of Repsol Gas Portugal SA, Antonio Valcárcel, as well as by FIAT’s Country Manager, Pedro Serrador.
  • Repsol is the leader of the Autogas market in the Iberian Peninsula, with a network of over 200 points of sale in Spain and 50 in Portugal, and FIAT is the top marketer of Autogas vehicles in Europe.
  • In Portugal approximately 50,000 vehicles are currently powered by this alternative fuel, also known as automotive LPG

Repsol and FIAT have signed an agreement that extends the one signed last January to Portugal to boost the Autogas market, the world’s most widely-used alternative fuel, with more than 21 million vehicles.

The new agreement signed by the Managing Director of Repsol Gas Portugal SA, Antonio Valcárcel and by the Country Manager of FIAT Portuguesa, Pedro Serrador, will mean that the two corporate groups will be able to collaborate in the Portuguese market to develop and provide incentives for the introduction and expansion of the vehicles to LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), through their respective service station and dealer networks.

FIAT is the European leader in the marketing of Autogas vehicles, also known as automotive LPG, and has extensive experience in this market segment, expressly in Italy, where nearly 1 million vehicles run on this type of alternative fuel.

Meanwhile, Repsol is the leading Autogas distributor in the Iberian Peninsula, with over 200 service stations in Spain, and around 50 points of sale in Portugal.

Autogas is currently the main alternative fuel in Spain, with more than 20,000 vehicles, and also in Portugal, where approximately 50,000 automobiles are fuelled by it.

Savings & the Environment

Autogas offers major economic and environmental benefits. Vehicles with automotive LPG offer an average saving of around 40% compared to other conventional fuels and, furthermore, help to improve air quality as a result of their low nitrogen oxide and particle emissions. They are also an efficient tool for mitigating the greenhouse effect, due to their minimum carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

This alternative fuel is used in “bi-fuel” vehicles equipped with two tanks (Autogas and petrol) for a use with automatic switchover that does not affect driving. 

Repsol is the only company in Portugal that offers drivers an Autogas with specific characteristics that maximise engine performance and efficiency, this allowing a reduction in additional consumption that may be 10% less than fuels with LPG available on the Portuguese  market.

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