Renewable Autogas arrives in Southern California

U-Haul®, moving equipment and storage rental company and the largest retailer of LPG in the United States, has purchased its first million gallons of bioLPG, which is available to customers at U-Haul Autogas facilities across Southern California. U-Haul teamed with national distributor Suburban® Propane Partners, L.P., to supply the fuel.

“The introduction of renewable LPG is a welcome disruption to the industry,” stated John Barnett, U-Haul propane program manager. “Carbon-neutral fuels are in demand. It’s all about sustainability. While U-Haul is paying a premium for this product, we have chosen to absorb this cost so our customers will benefit the environment at no additional charge. Californians can feel even better about fuelling with LPG in the growing Autogas sector.”

“We are very excited to align with U-Haul to supply renewable LPG in support of our collective efforts to lower carbon emissions in the state of California,” stated Nandini Sankara, Suburban Propane spokesperson. “This arrangement, along with our recent investment in Oberon Fuels, are part of our continued commitment to developing innovative solutions to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint, particularly at a time when so many states have established aggressive carbon reduction targets over the next few decades.”

This initial U-Haul purchase and customer offering of bioLPG has the global effect of eliminating 5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere, according to the Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA).

“We applaud U-Haul for its demonstrated leadership in transportation decarbonisation. This decision to power fleets with renewable LPG is a clean energy trifecta; the move provides an opportunity for the community to drive a vehicle powered by a sustainable fuel solution, reduces U-Haul’s carbon footprint, and has the global effect of taking 1,000 cars off the road,” said Joy Alafia, WPGA President and CEO.

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14 October 2020