Ram pick-up trucks with LPG option are available in the UK

The Ram 1500 truck is an all-American juggernaut with an epic scale. It has more than half a metre longer than an Isuzu D-Max, 200mm wider and 400kg heavier. This bulk is the primary reason why vehicles of this size have rarely been offered in the UK, with its narrow roads and on-street parking.

However, European importer KW Automotive has made possible to acquire a left-hand-drive Ram pick-up truck through an approved dealer, complete with a full warranty. The mid-spec RAM 1500 Laramie is one of the best sellers of its kind in the UK, and it is available with Autogas option.

Considering the Ram’s huge proportions and engine, running costs are hard to stomach for UK buyers, so many trucks are specced with a Prins LPG conversion, complete with 100-, 200- or 320-litre tank bolted under the pickup bed.

The petrol version deliver 24mpg on a motorway cruise and about 18mpg with mixed driving. At current prices, KW Automotive says this makes running costs for the LPG-powered Ram comparable to a vehicle that does 40mpg on petrol alone.

The KW Technology Centre installs the latest Prins LPG system, which has proven itself over the last 15 years. The key components of the system are OEM quality and specifically designed for Autogas, complying with the strictest European regulations and certifications. The kit is available for both the RAM 1500 and the Dodge Durango. For more information, please check this link.

Photo: © James Andrews

9 November 2022