Plans underway to develop Autogas market in Nigeria


A new company, THLD International Logistic Limited, is entering Africa’s largest commercial nerve centre to enable Nigerians use LPG as a viable replacement of expensive petrol and diesel. “I have lived in the UK most of my life and have seen how Europeans and Americans, even the Asians, live and use their natural resources to full capacity. But that has not been the case with Nigeria, where there are more deposits of oil and gas than the nation needs. It is, to help, in putting some of these maladies into correction that THLD was brought to Nigeria,” said CEO of THLD, Olusegun Olajuwan.

“Where we would strictly limit ourselves to oil and gas, the company is to encourage Nigerians to cultivate the good habit of making use of Autogas for their machines. These include cars and all kind of vehicles. It is cheaper and safer using LPG to run your cars or power your generators,” commented the businessman.

On the viability of marketing and promoting the use of LPG for domestic use and vehicles in Nigeria, Olajuwan added: “We know the market. We have been in the business of selling LPG trucks to Nigerians, from our England base. The Nigeria market for LPG usage is big.”

The company has a top of the class factory under construction on over 21 plots of land in Otta Ogun state, where LPG trailers, bobtail, skid tank, cylinders, Autogas tanks and storage tanks will be built. This will be the first plant of its kind in all Africa, and will create job opportunities for Nigerians and encourage made in Nigeria goods.

“Our conversion centres will be strategically located all over Nigeria where cars, vehicles, heavy duty trucks and buses will be converted to run on Autogas,” said Olajuwan. “Our LPG fuel system can be installed to the vehicle, whilst retaining its original petrol system, creating a dual fuel vehicle.”