Philippines plans to use LPG to fuel jeepneys


The Department of Energy (DOE) is considering the development of Autogas as an alternative fuel for jeepneys, a popular mean of public transportation in the Philippines. “Our goal is to enhance the energy supply security through fuel diversification using LPG as clean alternative fuel for transport like jeepneys,” said DOE Senior Science Research Specialist Roselle Ibuna.

With the growing number of LPG-powered taxis and refuelling stations nationwide, the DOE is now encouraging jeepney drivers and operators to make the switch.

During an alternative fuel forum, Ibuna emphasised that Autogas is safe and environmentally-friendly and said that this technology could contribute to climate change mitigation through the reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gases emissions. “We are also trying to look at Original Equipment Manufactured vehicles or built-in Autogas vehicles, no conversion needed,” she commented.

Meanwhile, the DOE has tapped different government agencies as technical working group members to implement the certified conversion to LPG, harmonise and streamline government procedures in the use of LPG as fuel.

“In the long term, non-renewable resources like gasoline and diesel might deplete if we solely depend on them as our energy source; let’s support LPG operated jeepneys,” Ibuna added.