Peru: Ministry of Transport releases list of authorised conversion workshops

For drivers considering to switch their vehicles to LPG or CNG system, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) strongly recommends to do it in a conversion centre authorised by the Government in order to guarantee safety and optimal performance of the unit.

Currently, there are 87 LPG conversion workshops nationwide, mainly located in Lima and Callao.

Peruvian drivers can identify and check the names and locations of the conversion workshops authorised by the MTC here.

In these establishments, a certifying entity authorised by the MTC verifies that the Autogas or natural gas conversion process is carried out in accordance with the country’s current regulations.

With these vehicle conversions, the Peruvian Government seeks to give drivers access to a cheaper and more sustainable fuel without being affected by the international rise in the price of petrol and diesel that affects the price at the local level.

Source: Ministry of Transport and Communications

26 April 2023