Opel launches Crossland X with Autogas version

Opel announced that its Crossland X is now available with factory-installed LPG version, an especially attractive option for climate-conscious customers who also want to save money in fuel costs.

The Crossland X is powered by an especially efficient 60 kW/81 hp 1.2-litre LPG engine (New European Driving Cycle fuel consumption LPG: urban 8.4 l/100 km; extra-urban 6.0 l/100 km; combined 6.9 l/100 km, 111 grammes CO2/km; gasoline: 6.8 l/100 km; extra-urban 4.5 l/100 km; combined 5.4 l/100 km, 123 grammes CO2/km). The economical three-cylinder comes with a five-speed manual transmission. In bi-fuel mode drivers enjoy a range of up to 1,300 km before refuelling is necessary (based on NEDC).

The 36-litre LPG tank is located in the spare-wheel well, so that interior space is unaffected. An LED in the instrument panel shows when the Crossland X is in LPG mode; it goes out as soon as the mode switches to gasoline. The driver can also see the remaining range both for gasoline or LPG.

The new model, produced at the Opel factory in Germany, is also the first Autogas vehicle with an innovative electronic multivalve system that improves the low-fuel driving experience compared with conventional LPG cars. With hardened valves and valve seat-rings the engine is designed for the highest durability. The electronic multivalve features an optical sensor in the LPG tank, which makes measurement of the remaining fuel much more precise, improving the low-fuel driving experience compared with conventional LPG cars.

The German government has agreed on an extension of the energy tax reduction for Autogas until 2022, reinforcing the commitment to keep this tax rate well below that on the other fuels and recognising the environmental benefits of LPG as well as the wide acceptance among consumers. Autogas is available throughout Europe at around 32,000 petrol stations. Germany also has a good refuelling infrastructure with over 7,000 stations. If you want to know more, please visit this link.