Opel announces the production of a new LPG car model


Opel announced the Karl is now available with LPG from factory. This three-cylinder engine vehicle offers a performance of 54 kW/73 PS and low CO2 emissions of 89 grams per kilometre.

With Eco package, LPG consumption is about 5.5 litres per 100 kilometres (class A). Thanks to dual operation (LPG and gasoline), the overall range is increased to over 1,000 kilometres. In Germany, the starting price for the 1.0 LPG model is 12,650 euros.

This bi-fuel version allows the driver to easily switch by pressing a button between LPG and gasoline modes. Two control units agree the transition from gasoline to LPG and vice versa from one another. These controls regulate injection and ignition individually for both fuels, in each case to achieve the best fuel consumption and the lowest emissions. The respective change from one to other propulsion happens smoothly and without the driver noticing.

The display of the onboard computer shows the instantaneous fuel consumption, range, average speed and consumption of each fuel. The LPG tank is collision-protected and located in the back of the car, so that the space for passengers and luggage is not diminished.

“Our model shows once again that the Karl is small, but with large class. It can accommodate up to five people while offering numerous safety and comfort features, and now also with environmentally-friendly propulsion. Moreover, the driver’s wallet is also pleased as Karl offers low fuel costs and still with favourable price”, said Opel’s sales chief Peter Christian Küspert.