One of Philippines’ biggest taxi fleets switches to Autogas

Phoenix LPG Philippines, Inc., subsidiary of Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc., is converting over 200 vehicles operating all over Iloilo City and nearby provinces to LPG after the company signed a conversion deal with GDR Taxi, which has one of the biggest taxi fleets in the region.

Aiming to provide a cleaner and affordable alternative, Phoenix LPG partnered with Clean Vehicle Solutions Limited (CLEVA)—a Hong Kong-based company that specialises in fuel delivery, installation, and maintenance of LPG equipment—to use its Prins Technology for the Autogas conversion project with GDR Taxi.

So far, Phoenix has converted 48 out of the 215 GDR taxis to LPG and is expected to complete the project by the first quarter of 2020. These taxis are the pilot batch of the Autogas conversion project of Phoenix LPG using the clean technology.

“To complement our credible and efficient Phoenix SUPER LPG for home cooking, we are extending our brand’s offering to motorists through Phoenix Auto LPG, our very own clean-burning and high-octane green fuel. Since it is more affordable, readily available, and portable, Autogas is the most viable and credible alternative to the conventional fuels we use today,” said Phoenix Petroleum Chief Operating Officer Henry Albert Fadullon.

The collaboration between Phoenix Petroleum and CLEVA aims to provide fleet operators with a world-class converter technology, producing a better and more rewarding business operation. Phoenix is also set to expand its Autogas conversion project to other key cities in the country in the coming year. For more information, please check this link.

8 January 2020