Nigerian Ministry of Petroleum will convert official vehicles to Autogas

In a move to deepen the use of cleaner fuels in Nigeria, the Federal Government has ordered the Ministry of Petroleum Resources to convert all its official vehicle fleet from petrol to Autogas and natural gas. The announcement was made by the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva.

Since 2019, the government has been working hard to ensure a wider adoption of LPG and CNG across the country to further use of Nigeria’s abundant gas reserves and ease pressure on petrol imports.

Sylva said that the conversion of vehicles in his ministry and agencies shows that the government is really working on the use of Autogas nationwide and supports its declaration that 2020 as “the year of gas.” “I have submitted my vehicles to the NGEP (National Gas Expansion Programme) to convert all of them,” he said.

“And on that premise, I now have the moral backing to direct that all CEOs and their able lieutenants do same by converting all their official vehicles to run on Autogas as a demonstration to the Nigerian people that indeed government meant it when we declared this year ‘the year of gas’,” Sylvia added.

Justice Derefaka, programme manager of the NGEP, commented that the use of Autogas is expected to reduce pollution and the negative effect of carbon from incomplete combustion of petroleum. For more information, please visit this link.

2 September 2020