Nigeria steps forward with the introduction of LPG-powered cars


LPG for transport is now a reality in the country. The first LPG-powered car was unveiled by Banner Energy, which also distributes the fuel in the country. According to the CEO Nuhu Yakubu, the innovation not only brings environmentally friendly and safety advantages, but also cost benefits.

During the event, attendees could learn technical aspects of the vehicle, equipped with a 17kg cylinder mounted in the car trunk. “With the push of a button, the car can be driven on Autogas” with reduced emissions, “and it can revert back to petrol whenever desired,” explained Yakubu.

Yakubu also described the economic benefits. “The cost of LPG is going to be less than three times the amount any driver will use on any journey with petrol. In addition, a refill of the cylinder will be without hassles, as all Oando oil and gas plants are up to the service,” he said to the audience.

In addition to LPG delivery service, the company will be performing conversions under the AutoGas Conversion Scheme, intended by its initiators to promote LPG as a viable alternative to  petrol for powering vehicles in the country.