Nigeria company unveils Autogas vehicles

THLD International Logistics Limited, a logistics and energy solution has launched an air-cooled tricycle powered by LPG and converted vehicles to operate on LPG/petrol bi-fuel systems.

According to Oluwasegun Olajuwon, chief executive officer of THLD, there are lots of benefits in using this alternative fuel system. “It is cleaner, it is safer, it is environmental-friendly and affordable. Nigeria has LPG in abundance, but we are not using it. We have come to use our natural resources to maximum,” he said.

Olajuwon also stated that many developed countries are already using alternative fuel systems with Autogas, whereby drivers can easily switch over to LPG after exhausting the petroleum or vice versa. “We want to encourage those that have the supply of petrol to also have the facility for LPG as well,” he commented.

“In the last three years, I have noticed that for every five filling stations there is a tank for LPG there, they sell cylinders for people to cook. We want to do the same for Autogas as well,” said Olajuwon. “We know the market and we want to encourage Nigerians to cultivate the good habit of making use of LPG for their machines. These include cars and all manners of vehicles.”

He also explained the company’s conversion centres will be strategically located all over Nigeria, where cars, heavy duty trucks, buses and generators will be converted to run on both LPG and CNG. For more information, please check this link.