New Renault Clio with Autogas option arrives in Czech Republic

The Renault Clio has continued to be a hit since its launch in 1990. It is one of the most popular cars in France, has become an international bestseller, won the Car of the Year Award twice in Europe and has been one of the most characteristic representatives of city cars for five generations. Now an all-new version, with upgraded features, arrives in the Czech Republic, including an LPG-powered option.

“The success of the Clio is unwavering. With 16 million cars sold worldwide, it is the best-selling French car,” said Fabrice Cambolive, CEO, Renault.

“The Clio has captivated us with each subsequent generation. It has always been able to satisfy our wishes and needs, keeping up with current trends and always maintaining what is typical for this model. It was important for us to stay true to the values ​​that this icon embodies. So we multiplied all these values, translated them into the language of today’s possibilities. So now we present the new design of the Renault brand, the centre of which is man and technology. The new Clio successfully combines noble shapes and detailed volume with technical, structured, precise and efficient lines,” added Gilles Vidal, Design Vice-President, Renault.

The new Clio is offered with a range of powertrains using different energy sources, including the three-cylinder TCe 100 LPG turbo engine, which covers a wide spectrum of performance and needs.

The Autogas option is a multi-purpose vehicle with low running costs, according to Renault.

This bi-fuel LPG system increases performance and reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (8% less CO2 than a comparable petrol-only engine). With a maximum torque of 170 Nm at 2,000 rpm, this car can be used for a variety of purposes.

The fuel in two tanks is enough to drive more than 1,000 km. This system has been tried and tested many times; it is simple, affordable and economical to use. The LPG drive is installed in the vehicle directly at the factory.

Source: Renault Czech Republic

13 September 2023