New platform offers smart Autogas refuelling in South Korea

South Korea’s LPG importer E1 Corp. has launched a pilot service of its connected car commerce platform that authorises digital identification to vehicles to allow drivers to use their cars as a payment method at Autogas stations. The service will be offered for a trial run at two E1 refuelling facilities in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi. E1 formed a consortium with BC Card, Lotte Card, KT Corp. and Smartro for the service development.

When an Autogas vehicle driver arrives at one of the two smart stations, the connected car commerce platform recognises the vehicle without the driver having to install separate location recognition equipment. The platform allows the driver to refuel LPG without a verbal order and pay and save points on their credit or loyalty cards without presenting the plastic cards.

The latest pilot automatic payment service is enabled by differential GPS technology, which offers more convenience to drivers as there is no need for them to confirm their location manually or install a separate vehicle-recognition infrastructure.

When the pilot test is completed, E1 expects to expand the service to other Autogas stations across the country with an aim to take the lead in establishing future smart refuelling stations. E1 currently operates 380 facilities in Korea. For more information, please visit this link.

14 February 2018