New partnership will facilitate conversions to Autogas in Spain

First Stop, a network of workshops specialised in tires and integral maintenance of vehicles, has signed an agreement with Repsol to include among its services the process of conversion to Autogas in its centres. Both companies have demonstrated their commitment to sustainable and alternative fuel mobility as part of its environmental strategy.

“LPG is a clean alternative that plays an important role in the current and future fuel mix. In this sense, with the help of Repsol, we are committed to making it easier for our users to adapt their gasoline vehicles to a bi-fuel system that also uses LPG, so that they can benefit from its multiple advantages, while contributing to the protection of the ambient environment,” said Jonathan López, Director of Operations of First Stop.

According to the company, the cost of the conversion is about 1,200 Euros + VAT, depending on the type of vehicle and brand.

One of the main causes for which LPG-powered vehicles have recently experienced such an increase is because more and more Spanish drivers are interested in the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) ECO label, which allows vehicles to enter Madrid Central and also park in regulated parking spaces.

Moreover, there are currently more than 650 LPG service stations throughout the territory and Repsol leads the market with more than 400 sites offering this alternative fuel. For more information, please visit this link.

23 October 2019