New online video shows ease of Autogas refuelling station installation


The U.S. Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) released a new online video that gives fleet owners an in-depth look at what happens during the installation of a permanent, on-site Autogas refuelling station.

The video walks through each step of the process, which includes the installation of a concrete foundation, one or more large capacity fuel tanks, a pump, one or more dispensers with meters, and crash protection.

“Fleets of all sizes are benefitting from their centralised Autogas station, and this video shows just how easy and convenient it is to get started with the support of their local LPG and infrastructure suppliers,” said Steve Whaley, PERC director of Autogas business development. “Autogas provides fleets with the lowest total cost-of-ownership, and the affordable refuelling infrastructure is a big part of how that is possible.”

While the video demonstrates one example of a large installation, Autogas refuelling infrastructure is customisable and scalable to meet the demands of any size of fleet. Local LPG suppliers can help fleets select the right option for their business. You can watch the video here.

15 April 2020