New off-road vehicle offered in Autogas version in the U.S.


Alkane Truck Company has unveiled their new humvee-type vehicle, named the Alkane Dominator™. By bringing a fuel efficient, clean-burning rugged vehicle to market, the company announced it would replace the void in the market left by the Hummer H1. Alkane will offer the Dominator™ with a propane-powered engine.

The Dominator™ is a unique and rugged, 12,800 GVW (gross vehicle weight) truck, powered by a 6.0L PSI V8 engine and a R90 6-Speed Automatic Transmission. With military DNA and a rugged powertrain, the Dominator™ has been tested in extreme conditions. Both propane and gasoline versions perform identically when comparing horsepower and torque.

As a standard feature, each Dominator™ will be completely covered with Line-X protection that is a polyurea based coating resistant to rust, water, scratches, abrasions or other external influence. The Dominator™ offers a trusted choice in several specialty applications, such as police, fire and rescue and forestry. Alkane’s engineering partners Triad Services Group are also developing ways to armour plate the vehicles for government and military applications.

Since the vehicle weight exceeds 10,000 lbs., the Autogas version is eligible for tax incentives of up to $12,000, in certain states. Every state has different laws and incentives ( In Georgia, for example, an income tax credit is available to taxpayers who purchase new commercial medium-duty or heavy-duty vehicles that operate using at least 90% alternative fuel including LPG, and eligible medium-duty trucks with a GVW rating between 8,500 and 26,001 lbs. may qualify for a credit of up to $12,000.