New LPG range extender allows electric vehicles to run up to 250 miles


UK’s supplier of LPG has unveiled a new LPG range extender for electric delivery vehicles in partnership with Dutch electrification specialist EMOSS. The new truck made its debut on 7 November at the Freight in the City exhibition (London).

The vehicle uses LPG to drive an electric generator, charging the battery which provides drive to the electric motors. The LPG system also increases the vehicle range compared to battery-only from 40 miles to 250 miles. Control of the system also allows it to be switched into pure electric motor to enter regulated city centres.

Paul Blacklock, Head of Strategy and Corporate Affairs at Calor, said: “As the UK government continues to put pressure on the transport industry to find cleaner ways of operating, the new LPG range extender with EMOSS presents an exciting opportunity for rigid trucks. With trucks fitted with LPG range extenders able to switch entirely to electric when operating in city centres or air quality zones we are excited to announce this ground-breaking transport innovation.”

Moreover, Calor will start commercialising bio-LPG from 2018. Bio-LPG, which is chemically identical to conventional LPG but produced from renewable feedstocks, offers significant environmental benefits over existing petrol and diesel range extender technologies. For more information, please check this link.