New LPG fuel system for Ford E450 V-10 engine approved in California


ICOM North America (ICOM) received certification from the California Air Resource Board (CARB) on its patented Autogas fuel system for the Ford E450 V-10 engine. As a result, owners and operators of shuttle vehicles and buses in California that utilise the Ford E450 V-10 engine will be able to significantly reduce operating costs and dramatically improve their emissions profile by converting to LPG using this new system.

Moreover, in partnership with the United Propane Autogas Solutions Group (UPAS) and ICOM’s network of service dealers throughout California, ICOM will provide fleets and customers with one-stop solutions to reduce the complexity and costs associated with converting and maintaining Autogas fleets, including: installing of the LPG system; securing the fuel supply on attractive terms; coordinating the installation of LPG fuelling infrastructure (if needed); and performing ongoing Autogas system support and maintenance.

Jon Van Bogart, ICOM’s Fleet Development Specialist, commented, “Autogas is the optimum alternative fuel solution for shuttle and para-transit bus fleet owners in California looking to significantly reduce operating costs and improve their emissions profiles. There are several key Autogas benefits such as dramatic fuel cost savings per gallon compared to gasoline or diesel; extensive LPG fuelling infrastructure currently available in Central and Southern California; and significant reduction of greenhouse and particulate matter emissions.”

Dave Biggs, Executive Director of UPAS, also said, “Autogas in fleet applications is sweeping the nation. The growth rate in Autogas conversion over the past seven years has been tremendous. What could be better for fleets than saving money on fuel, reducing emissions, and utilising an abundant American fuel source?”

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