New incentive programme will boost transition to Autogas buses in North America


IC Bus has launched an environmentally friendly grant programme that provides school districts with incentives to add Autogas school buses to their fleets. The initiative will offer qualifying school districts throughout the United States and Canada $5,000 in grants per newly purchased LPG-powered CE Series school buses.

This grant gives those school districts that would like or are planning to make the switch to Autogas more flexibility in their purchase decision. The grant can be used towards items such as buying additional buses, investing in new technology, hiring additional drivers, infrastructure updates to maintenance facilities, among other uses that the school district prioritises.

“With today’s advanced Autogas buses offering an added dimension of environmental benefit, we are committed to doing what is right for our customers and for the environment, to create a better world by creating better buses,” said Trish Reed, vice president and general manager, IC Bus. “School districts frequently stress to us their desire to pursue environmentally friendly fuel choices. This programme reaffirms our commitment to continue developing affordable, reliable, safe and environmentally beneficial school bus options.”

The IC Bus CE Series school bus features a Power Solutions International (PSI) 8.8-litre LP propane engine, and is purpose-built for the school bus industry. It is designed to provide diesel-like performance with higher torque at lower engine speeds, while lowering emissions and reducing maintenance costs. If you want more information, please visit this link.