New hybrid/LPG Toyota Rav 4 was showcased in Milan

During the Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show, Ecomotive Solutions and its subsidiary Autogas Italia presented the new hybrid/LPG Toyota Rav 4. According to the company, the hybrid systems represents an ideal solution in different driving conditions, both in terms of savings and environmental protection, and installing an LPG fuel system on a hybrid vehicle further amplifies these advantages.

Among the models that benefit most from this type of conversion stands the Toyota RAV4 hybrid, the SUV presented by Toyota in 1994 and now in its fifth generation after having sold over 8.5 million units worldwide.

For the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2.5 Active 2WD, Autogas Italia has developed an aftermarket kit that allows operation on LPG, while maintaining the outstanding performance of both the hybrid system and the internal combustion engine.

The Autogas conversion kit consists of an electronic control unit (8-channel ECU) for the control and management of the LPG system, a pressure reducer and eight LPG injectors controlled in DI (direct injection) or MPI (multi-point injection) mode based on the strategy set by the standard engine management control unit.

The capacity of the large trunk (580 litres, 1,690 when folding the sofa) remains unchanged with the adoption of the 58-litre LPG tank under the loading surface, which extends the range by over 700 km.

The vehicle consumes, in the combined WLTP cycle, 5.6 l/100 km (road test): a significant result for a 1,680 kg model, obtained thanks to the efficiency of the full-hybrid system capable of effectively taking advantage of the electric traction for restarts and travel on zero-emission sections. For more information, please check here.

Photo: Autogas Italia

6 July 2022