New car sharing platform Wible offers clean fuel vehicles in Madrid

Repsol and Kia announced a car sharing service for Europe and the first European city chosen for its implementation is Madrid. The new platform is called Wible and will start operating in the second half of this year. The initiative aims to promote sustainable mobility in cities and their surroundings.

Wible fleet will feature Kia’s alternative fuel cars, including Autogas, hydrogen fuel cell, hybrid and electric vehicles.

Kia has already offered car sharing services in Korea since last year. “Spain’s capital is a very interesting city for the beginning of the project, due to its geographical, demographic characteristics and the good reception that these types of services are having there,” said the company.

Moreover, Repsol already has a corporate car sharing service, which in 2017 has added six Autogas vehicles to its fleet. More than 500 Repsol employees regularly use this service.

Repsol is also positioning itself in the new mobility solutions, among which also includes a technology centre responsible for research in this area and a commitment to Autogas, which is already the most used alternative fuel in the world, with more than 25 million vehicles. In the case of Spain, it exceeds 50,000 LPG-powered cars. If you want to know more, please visit this link.

14 February 2018