New 12-litre Autogas engine for trucks under development


Omnitek Engineering Corp. is developing a heavy-duty 12-litre LPG engine for Class 8 trucks, which will be certified under Euro 6 emissions standards. The engine is targeted for regions and countries with mature Autogas fuelling infrastructure due to decades of utilisation in passenger vehicles.

“A 12-litre 360 horse power propane Autogas engine should further accelerate deployment of clean eco-friendly, heavy-duty trucks in Europe, as well as other world regions that require Euro 6 certification,” said Werner Funk, president and CEO of Omnitek Engineering Corp.

The company highlighted the low-cost and clean-burning benefits of Autogas — particularly as oil prices begin to increase and emissions policies address the landmark 200-nation Paris Agreement on Climate Change. “CO2, NOx and black carbon emissions from diesel engines, potent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are abated when utilising Autogas, which offers countries around the globe a viable and proven solution,” he said.

Omnitek is still in active discussions with several large fleet operators for new and/or expanded conversion programmes. “In addition, the environmental benefits and related compliance issues with meeting emissions mandates are important catalysts for fleet conversions and we look forward to further accelerating the utilisation of Autogas,” Funk added. For more information please visit this link.

20 December 2017