Netherlands: reduction in fuel excise tax will also apply to Autogas

The reduction in excise duties on vehicle fuels announced earlier this month will also apply to LPG and LNG. State Secretary van Rij promised this in a debate with the House of Representatives. The reduction will take effect on 1 April and will last until the end of the year.

The excise duty on LPG and LNG will be reduced by 4.1 cents per litre. In practice, this means a reduction of 2.22 Euros per full tank of LPG/LNG of 45 litres (the average volume of a tank in the B segment car).

The reduction in excise duties on fuels is part of a broader package of measures taken by the Dutch government to help people cope with rising energy prices and ongoing inflation, with a focus on low and middle incomes.

Fuel prices have soared to record highs in recent weeks due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent economic sanctions. For more information, please check here.

30 March 2022