Netherlands: increasing demand on Autogas vehicles and conversions

Autogas is in high demand again in the Netherlands. Manufacturers of LPG conversion kits are innovating, installation specialists keep busy, and the second-hand car buyers are also increasingly interested in alternative fuels vehicles.

Specialist Prins Autogassystemen confirms that there is indeed a significant increase. “Both the number of litres of LPG and the number of LPG installations sold are growing,” said Angelique Berden, Communications Director at Prins.

“Last year, the market has grown by 13% compared to 2021. Many people no longer want a diesel vehicle, but find an electric car too expensive. Autogas is a well-available alternative. Moreover, it is much faster to refuel LPG than charging an electric car,” she added.

Second-hand car buyers also seem to have rediscovered Autogas as a more economic fuel. Figures from show that cars with LPG installation are increasingly being sought, while interest in gasoline and diesel vehicles is decreasing.

Sandor Balla, owner of LPG specialist Autotronic in Zwaag, also notices that Autogas is gaining more popularity. “We carry out two or three installations a week. That can be with American pick-ups, but also with brand new passenger cars,” he commented.


1 March 2023