More than 600,000 vehicles converted to LPG in Algeria

More than 600,000 vehicles run on Autogas in Algeria, revealed Mourad Menouar, CEO of Naftal, the stated-owned company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of petroleum products. “The number of vehicles converted to LPG is currently nearly 625,000 units nationwide,” said Menouar during the opening of the 4th edition of “Family Days” in the city of Blida.

The government’s aim is to bring this number to one million vehicles in the next two years, through “the intensification of awareness campaigns aimed at citizens, but also the reduction of vehicle conversion costs to encourage them to use LPG, which saves significant quantities of gasoline, in addition to protecting the environment,” explained Menouar.

“Family Days,” an event organised by Naftal, has dedicated a special stand to inform citizens of the advantages of using Autogas, as well as the measures to be followed by drivers of vehicles equipped with this technology. It also included the organisation of fun workshops and entertainment for children and families at the “Timezguida” service station.

“Our primary objective is to be close to our customers and to make motorists aware of road safety. This is also an opportunity to inform about the various services offered and provided at our service stations, such as Autogas,” added Menouar.

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Photo: Algerie Eco

3 August 2022