More bioLPG available at California service stations

Largest U.S. LPG retailer U-Haul® has purchased one million gallons of renewable Autogas to sell at its company-owned and -operated stores across California for the second year in row, ensuring its customers can use the green product without interruption well into 2022. For this, U-Haul has extended its 2020 agreement with national distributor Suburban® Propane Partners, L.P., to supply the eco-friendly fuel at more than 60 LPG dispensing stores in the Golden State.

U-Haul plans for the sustainable bioLPG offering to be ongoing thanks to California’s clean-fuel rebates. Used to power over-the-road vehicles and forklifts, this fuel offers extremely low carbon emissions and is made using renewable resources.

“When the opportunity arose to provide one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly energy resources to our customers, we couldn’t pass it up,” said Dwight Farr, U-Haul LPG Programme Manager. “It cleaner than the energy infrastructure in 49 states. We look forward to renewable Autogas’ progression so we can expand it across the U.S. and Canada in future years.”

“We are so pleased to continue our relationship with U-Haul to supply renewable LPG in the state of California, further supporting our collective efforts to lower carbon emissions in the state,” said Nandini Sankara, Suburban Propane spokesperson. “As the U.S. adopts more stringent policies to reduce greenhouse gases and lower the nation’s carbon footprint, Suburban Propane is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and products to meet evolving needs.”

No cost increase is passed on to U-Haul customers as a result of this initiative. For more information, please check this link.

13 October 2021