More Autogas businesses in Myanmar

Awra Trading Co Ltd will start supplying Autogas as an alternative to petrol in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, said chairman U Kyaw Myo Naing. Last December, the local company launched its Autogas filling station and LPG conversion centre in Shwe Pauk Kan Industrial Zone, Yangon.

The idea of using LPG as alternative fuel to petrol is not a new one in Myanmar. In fact, both the government and private sector had in the past explored the possibility of using Autogas. However, the main barrier had been insufficient supply of LPG, which is imported.

With the company now confident of LPG supply, they are expanding into Autogas market.  “We are expanding and now able to provide sufficient supply of LPG for vehicles,” said U Kyaw Myo Naing during the launching ceremony. “Our modern technology enables the use of LPG to power vehicles through the installing of an LPG conversion kit which includes an LPG tank, control box and related systems on the vehicle.”

As a start, Awra Trading plans to convert Yangon taxis to Autogas. “There are now 60,000 taxis in Yangon. We are targeting 10,000 to start,” said U Kyaw Myo Naing.

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2 January 2019