Milan launches new incentive to encourage transition to clean fuel vehicles

The city of Milan has announced new grants for individuals who want to replace or purchase new low environmental impact vehicles. The aim is to help citizens to renew the car and motorbike fleet circulating in the city, therefore reducing polluting emissions and congestion.

The total contribution made available amounts to one million Euros, and the incentives can be combined with the concessions granted by the State. The contributions reach 9,600 Euros for the purchase of an electric car, 6,000 Euros for a hybrid electric, and 5,000 Euros for a car powered by Autogas or natural gas (bi-fuel or hybrid).

“We give concrete aid to citizens who need to use their private vehicles to travel, supporting the choice of less polluting and lighter vehicles,” said Marco Granelli, Councillor for Mobility. “But we also help our city to improve the air quality. Incentives are one of the ways we are taking to facilitate the replacement of the vehicle fleet in Milan. Replacing an old diesel vehicle and buying a new car will be easier and less expensive.”

Contributions are available starting on 6 July. All incentives will be paid only once for a single vehicle in the case of private applicants, and only once for up to five commercial vehicles in the case of companies. For more information, please check this link.

22 July 2020