Mexico: Mérida public transport union plans to switch to Autogas

Mérida public transport will use LPG for its city and inter-city operations, announced the Single Front of Drivers (FUTV), which has already had contact with five energy companies, three local and two from other states, all interested in supplying the Autogas.

Moreover, the union is expected to sign agreements so that the companies deliver new vehicles capable of running on Autogas.

The General Secretary of the FUTV, Héctor Fernández Zapata, said that they are currently talking with the State Government Transportation Directorate to obtain permission to use LPG-powered vehicles. He explained that the use of this fuel will allow savings of between 8 (40 cents) and 10 pesos (50 cents) per litre compared to petrol.

“We expect that the drivers can obtain the vehicle for free, that is they can recover the investment with the savings in fuel consumption,” said Fernández Zapata.

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4 December 2019