Mexico: Juarez City Council offers discount to boost LPG use


The Municipal Government of Juarez and Tomza Group have signed an agreement to offer a 15% discount in the price of LPG. According to Municipal President Armando Cabada Alvídrez, the initiative will encourage the adoption of LPG and help local people get even more savings when using the fuel.

The objective is that the citizens of the Valley of Juarez that acquire LPG for vehicle use, as well as for home and industry, receive the discount and savings, explained Cabada Alvìdrez.

The agreement ceremony was held in the esplanade of the Administrative Unit “Mr. Benito Juárez”, and was led by Tomás Zaragoza Ito, president and owner of Tomza, in addition to the Municipal President.

“I am interested in Ciudad Juarez, I am interested in the economy of our people, and that is why we are signing this agreement. It is only to benefit the pocket of the people that consume this fuel,” added Cabada Alvìdrez.

Energy company Tomza has 55 years of offering LPG in Juarez, reason why it chose the city like the first region where it will offer low prices and discounts. They plan to launch the initiative in the rest of the country soon.

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