Mexican representative asks to include Autogas in clean energy legislation

Representative Ivonne Bustos, from the Green Ecologist Party (PVEM) in Mexico, has presented an initiative to include LPG in the catalogue of the Nuevo León’s State Mobility Law. This initiative would allow Autogas to join the portfolio of fuels considered as clean energy, the legislator said, and will modify article 8 of that Law.

Bustos wants to promote this low-carbon fuel due to several reasons: it is economic, there are enough LPG refuelling stations in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area, and it is widely used by public transport drivers. She commented there are more than 5,000 vehicles, mostly taxis, running on Autogas, so the fuel should be included in the Law’s list.

“When the State Mobility Law was approved, CNG was included in the clean energy catalogue as the only less polluting fossil alternative fuel. However, the energy situation that our country is going through complicates the logistics for the installation of CNG filling stations,” she said.

“This reform is very important to take advantage of the existing infrastructure of LPG and prevent possible delays in permits granted by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) to build new natural gas stations. Vehicle fuels are a high demand public service, so we must guarantee that there are enough filling stations,” she added.

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29 April 2020