Maltese conversion grant continues

The grant scheme launched by the Government of Malta and Transport Malta in October of last year in order to support private owners of passenger cars with € 200 upon conversion to Autogas if the vehicle had been first registered after 2009. The scheme was limited to 1,000 claims and was set to end December 2013. Some say the short term and the limitation of eligble vehicles are reasons why it had met with only moderate interest. The grant was extended into 2014 and is currently capped at 750 claims. Last year’s conversions are still eligible to apply for a grant.

The prolongation of the grant has finally excited the Maltese Autogas market to grow. Admittedly, the roughly 300 vehicles running on LP Gas available from less than a handfull of stations is not a huge market. Then again, the Maltese automotive market is not very large to begin with. The positive attitude of the government of the island state of Malta on the other hand, also portrayed by the inception of the grant and the prolongation beyond the end of 2013, show that only very little more than a positive attitude and reinforced support is needed to incubate the start of a new market. The other half of the equation is made up of a lowered excise duty. According to Josef Mifsud, head technician at Waldorf Auto Service Centre in Msida, those converting now can slash their fuel bill in half due to the fuel price difference.

With this scheme one more blank spot on the Autogas map has been filled with a starting Autogas market! The environment will benefit from the reduced emissions.