Malta new car-sharing service promotes Autogas vehicles adoption



A 24-hour car-sharing service with a minimum fleet of 80 vehicles spread across 33 localities is one of the options being considered by Transport Malta, the regulatory authority for all modes of transport in the country, to address traffic congestion and the parking shortage.

Transport Malta is encouraging the introduction of LPG-powered vehicles into this fleet, as the project also aims to cut emissions and improve air quality. Moreover, internal combustion cars must be new and in line with the latest EU emission standards.

The selected operator must roll out the full service within eight months from being granted the concession. In combination with various public transport options and other modes, such as motorbikes or bicycles, the proposed system offers a very cost-effective and sustainable alternative to private car ownership, the document notes.

Under the proposed system, commuters would be charged for the duration of the trip which they must book in advance. The users would be able to use priority lanes and have reserved parking spaces.

According to Transport Malta’s proposals, the operator, that could also be a joint venture or a consortium, would be granted a 10-year concession with the possibility of a two-year extension. A concession fee of €25,000 will apply from the second year.