Madrid traffic agency debuts LPG-powered car

The Traffic Agency of Madrid has introduced a new vehicle to its fleet, an environmentally-friendly Dacia Sandero powered by Autogas, which has the Directorate-General for Traffic’s (DGT) ECO label enabling the access to the city’s low-pollution zone (Madrid Central). With this addition, the agency joins other green vehicle renewals in Madrid, such as the security forces, which recently incorporated alternative fuel cars to National Police and Civil Guard’s fleets.

The Autogas Dacia Sandero features a TCE engine of 90 HP, a technology that can work with both gasoline and LPG, with less emissions and a refuelling price lower than gasoline. It has a starting price of 9,970 Euros.

Having in mind the territory in which the Traffic Agents of the Madrid City Council operate, Madrid Central, the LPG-powered Dacia Sandero becomes an interesting, economic and efficient alternative for this body, also projecting certain ECO awareness and austerity.

The Traffic Agency of Madrid is not part of the country’s security forces and their main function is to regulate the traffic and parking of the capital city. For more information, please visit this link.

25 September 2019