Madrid encourages the conversion to Autogas of 1,000 cars

The Community of Madrid will launch a scrappage scheme to encourage the conversion of 1,000 private cars that run on gasoline to LPG with incentives of 400 euros per vehicle, as explained by the General Director of Industry, Energy and Mining the Community of Madrid, Carlos López Jimeno.

The plan envisages an aid of 200 euros by bank transfer to the owner of the vehicle and another 200 euros discount on the bill of the workshop where the conversion is made, so that the incentive per vehicle transformed reaches a total of 400 euros.

According to López Jimeno, this scheme offers the advantages of Autogas, as fuel savings, fewer breakdowns, discounts on parking meters and on regulated parking areas, road tax bonuses, and increased autonomy regarding circulation, among others.

Moreover, the General Director of the Spanish Association of LPG Operators (AOGLP), Jose Luis Blanco, claimed that the Autogas sector needs “more aid”, both direct and indirect. He described it as a ‘positive discrimination’, since “if a car is clean it must have some advantages and benefits that the one that is not clean does not have”.

Blanco concluded: “Autogas is the best alternative today” because it “meets all requirements for use it today, there are LPG stations, legal framework, there are cars and there is abundant product.”