Madrid duplicates subsidies to renew private fleet with cleaner vehicles

This year, the Madrid City Council has allocated more than 20 million Euros for Cambia 360 Aid Plan, a fundamental tool of the Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy to help citizens acquire less polluting cars and accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable city in terms of mobility and energy efficiency.

For this financial year, the budget of the Cambia 360 Plan that grows the most is the one aimed at the people of Madrid who want to buy a new car with low or zero emissions technologies. Given the success that this call achieved last year, in which all the aid for ECO (LPG, CNG) and ZERO (hydrogen, electric) vehicles was exhausted in a matter of minutes, the budget is raised from 5.5 million Euros in 2021 to 10.5 in 2022.

The eligible amounts are: up to 6,000 Euros for the acquisition of a new vehicle with the DGT’s (Directorate-General for Traffic) ZERO label, and 3,000 euros for a car with the ECO label. These figures will increase by an additional 2,500 Euros if a vehicle with the A environmental classification (those with a gasoline engine registered before 2000 or diesel with registration prior to 2006) is voluntarily scrapped.

All these amounts may be increased by 10% if there are certain personal circumstances of the beneficiary (large family or disability with reduced mobility).

The Cambia 360 call for private vehicles will be published in April. In order to apply for these aids, it is established as a mandatory requirement to be registered in Madrid and pay the Mechanical Traction Vehicle Tax (IVTM) in the capital. For more information, please check this link.

30 March 2022