LPG vehicles are ‘Crit’Air 1’ and can meet low emission zones in France

New measures to combat vehicle pollution will come into force, including traffic restrictions in Low Emission-Mobility Zones, according to France Gaz Liquides, the French LPG organisation. The Climate and Resilience Bill confirms the implementation of these zones in agglomerations with more than 150,000 inhabitants by December 31, 2024.

For 10 metropolitan areas that regularly exceed air quality limit values, traffic bans will be standardised to prohibit vehicle circulation: Crit’air 5 in 2023, Crit’air 4 in 2024 and Crit’Air 3 in 2025.

Millions of vehicles will no longer be able to circulate everywhere and motorists will have to opt for virtuous mobility solutions. Thanks to its environmental and economic advantages, Autogas can meet new mobility expectations and challenges in France, as it is classified with Crit’Air 1 label.

In addition, sales continued to increase during July: 3,846 new LPG vehicles (i.e. + 80% compared to July 2020), and 2,062 used LPG vehicles (i.e. + 30.75%)

Recognised and supported by the public authorities, Autogas also benefits from numerous tax advantages and purchasing aids. Available throughout the country with more than 1,600 service stations, LPG is increasingly popular and has strong development potential in France. For more information, please check this link.

1 September 2021