LPG-powered car wins Polish drifting championship

STAG Rally Team driver Daniel Duda took the 1st place in the Polish Drifting Championship. He drove a car equipped with STAG Autogas technology. This achievement ultimately overthrew the myth of reducing the power of the car after converting it to LPG.

STAG team includes motorsport enthusiasts who are daily engaged in the professional installation of Autogas systems and dedicate their free time to rallies and race competitions. Duda, employee of STAG, started his rally adventure in 2012.

The converted vehicle is a BMW E-30 460kM. It has little in common with a standard car, but when choosing the elements of the Autogas installation, STAG workshop decided to use serial components that also serve to the ‘civilian’ cars. The STAG QMax 300-8 Plus controller, two STAG R01 250 reducers and eight STAG AC W031 BFC injectors with increased power have been installed in the BMW. The installation also includes the STAG AFR set, which allows determining the composition of the fuel-air mixture feeding the internal combustion engine.

The acquired experience and observations were used to enhance STAG products and also prove that the car does not lose its power with the LPG kit installation. For more information, please check this link.

31 July 2019