LPG outshines other motor fuels in European emissions study

Data of more than 9000 light vehicles was compared in a comprehensive new vehicle emissions study. The results of the study demonstrate that LP Gas delivers significant all round environmental benefits and in terms of pollutants it is much cleaner and significantly outperforms petrol and diesel.

Of the seven vehicle brands available in the five different fuel versions – petrol, diesel, LPG and CNG, CNG Mono – LPG ranks first four times, with CNG taking the second place, ranking first two times. This study from Atlantic Consulting is yet another evidence of the important role LPG can play as a cost-effective and environmental fuel alternative for consumers.

The new study is based on a database compiled by Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority – the KBA (Kraftfahrtbundesamt). It analysed the emissions of nearly 9,000 cars and vans manufactured and tested in 2011-2013 and complying with Euro 5 or Euro 6 regulations.

Dr Eric Johnson, author of the report, said: “This is the biggest study of its kind and shows LPG out-performing other fuel options on a range of criteria. There is no doubt LPG Autogas has the ability to deliver both environmental and cost savings to consumers and as a current alternative is a much more developed and credible offer than other gaseous based or electric options.”
Previous analysis into emissions has been limited by the number of vehicles tested. With this latest research testing more than 5,000 cars and vans, it is the most current, robust and comprehensive environmental impact assessment of the four primary fuels – petrol, diesel, LPG and CNG.
The study compares the fuels across similar vehicle type with respect to their regulated pollutants: CO2, CO, HCs, methane, NOx and PM.


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