LPG car sales increase in Italy

Autogas vehicles are increasingly popular among Italian drivers, who choose them both to save on fuel costs and to cope with traffic blocks. In the first part of 2022, registrations increased by more than 15%, according to the UNRAE (National Union of Foreign Motor Vehicle Representatives).

The report shows a net increase in sales for LPG-powered cars in the first quarter of the year: over 30,000 units were registered, against the approximately 26,000 units of the same period of 2021 (+15.4%). The market share of LPG cars is now at 8.9%, with an annual increase of over 3%.

LPG cars offer a significant advantage on the fuel cost in Italy, given that a litre of Autogas is just under half compared to a litre of petrol (to date 0.86 Euros against 1.78-1.79 for petrol and diesel). There are also benefits related to low emissions, which allow both to avoid any traffic blocks and to access the ZTL (limited traffic zone), and to the exemption from paying the car tax for a minimum period of three years, offered by the Regions.

In addition, a three-year fund of 440 million Euros has been allocated for all cars categorised within the range of CO2 emissions from 61-135 grams per kilometre. LPG models fall into this range, and the drivers receive a bonus of 2,000 Euros in the form of a discount on the vehicle purchase price. Users can access this incentive with the scrapping of an old car with an emission standard up to Euro 5. For more information please check here.

11 May 2022