London mayor suggests Autogas conversions to make taxi fleets cleaner

Transport for London (TfL) will “closely monitor” concerns over a shortage of rental black cabs available to drivers, said London Mayor Sadiq Khan. He also explained that decommissioning of old diesel taxis, part of the Mayor’s restructured delicensing scheme, can be replaced with alternatives such as LPG conversion.

“Transport for London regularly engages with the taxi trade. While we are not aware of a shortage of fleet-owned rental taxis, I have asked TfL to closely monitor the situation and discuss with the taxi trade if necessary,” said Khan. “The taxi delicensing scheme, along with other measures, is playing an important part in making London’s taxi fleet cleaner, helping to achieve at least a 65% reduction in harmful taxi NOx emissions by 2025.”

When asked whether TfL had taken into consideration how the new Taxi Delicensing scheme will affect the rental market for taxi drivers, the Mayor added:

“Transport for London’s enhanced taxi delicencing scheme, launched in January 2019, was designed to speed up the removal of the most polluting taxi vehicles to improve London’s air quality. There are alternatives to decommissioning an older vehicle, such as LPG retrofit.”

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19 June 2019