Logistics expert invests in Autogas truck fleet for deliveries in Bulgaria and Greece

Decarbonisation remains a priority for Sofia-based Gopet Trans, which recently shared a report where it estimates a 20% increase in the share of shipments delivered through intermodal transport by 2030.

Additional CO2 minimisation solutions are considered, including the increase of the use of LPG-powered and electric trucks for deliveries in Bulgaria and Greece to 50% by 2030. In this way, the carrier continues its mission to develop green solutions to support the reduction of carbon emissions.

“We are aware that the industry we operate in has a great impact on the environment. Therefore, we plan to continue in this direction by increasing the number of our own intermodal units and supporting our partners to renew their fleets,” said the Commercial Director of Gopet Trans, Raya Rendakova.

“Our goal is to offer our customers a variety of solutions. Earned trust and long-term partnerships are key for us. Our competitive advantages are flexibility and quick response as a result of our understanding of our clients’ business, their supply chains, and their unique needs,” she added.

Gopet Trans was the first company to offer green transport and introduce intermodal solutions in Bulgaria back in 2013. Internal statistics show that since then, up to 2022, the company has transported a total of 565,000 tonnes of freight via train compositions, saving 207,000 tonnes of CO2. Interest in green transportation has increased in recent years, especially among companies that have regular deliveries and recognise the mission of protecting the environment.

Source: Gopet Trans

10 May 2023